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Saturday, 16 April 2011

Announcing Maven support for the latest version of Mutability Detector

Mutability Detector is now available for Maven users*. If you want to try it out on your own code, do the following:

Make the Sonatype Snapshot repository available to your build system. In Maven, this means adding the following snippet within the <project> section of your pom.xml.
    <id>Sonatype Snapshots</id>  

Next add the Mutability Detector dependency to your pom.xml with this snippet:

For other build systems (Gradle, Ivy, etc.) the pertinent bits of information for the dependency are:

Group IDArtifact IDVersion

Some points:
  • Source code is not available through Maven, working on fixing this. In the meantime, you can checkout or browse the source, details available at the Googlecode project page.
  • You may get surprising results with the current snapshot, as described in this issue
  • The packaged jar file includes dependencies (e.g. ASM, Classpath Explorer), so there may be some issues putting this jar on your classpath. Working on fixing this also.
As always, any questions, please ask.

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