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Friday 30 December 2011

Imprudence Begets Impetus - No Go For GoDaddy

It's funny how unrelated things can finally give you the motivation to check off an item that's been on the TODO list for a while. In this case it was the online movement to boycott GoDaddy, due to their stance on SOPA.

One of the items I've been meaning to get to Real Soon Now, was to register a domain for Mutability Detector. If for no other reason than making the org.mutabilitydetector package name in the source code actually match Java conventions.

Since I had no existing GoDaddy accounts, I couldn't lend my support to the boycott by moving my domains away. But I could vote with my wallet and go with a competitor. Enter Namecheap, another domain name registrar like GoDaddy, but with a much more amenable outlook on SOPA. Since this was the first domain name purchase I've made, and I'm currently only using it as a redirect, I can't comment on the service in too much detail. But the process was cheap and convenient and their interface was quite friendly and easy to use.

I might do more with www.mutabilitydetector.org in the future, but for now it just redirects to the project homepage, and gives me an ever-so-slight warm and fuzzy for doing a teensy-tiny bit in the efforts against SOPA.