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Sunday, 24 April 2011

Announcing *cough* Better Maven Support

In a previous post I gave details of how to retrieve Mutability Detector in a build system such as Maven. It included details of the snapshot repository that had to be added to your pom.xml (or equivalent file), and the specifier for the latest SNAPSHOT version - just for extra complicatedness.

While trying to use my own project at work, where we use Gradle as a build system, I found that retrieving a snapshot dependency from a Maven repository was not particularly well supported. Since it at best required some non-default behaviour (if it's at all supported, I never found a solution), I leapt into action, much like a ninja mongoose, determined to rectify the situation immediately. So, just a short(!) 8 days later, I'm proud to announce that Mutability Detector is available from Maven Central, as a bonafide release version.

The relevant details now are:

Group IDArtifact IDVersion

Mutability Detector is packaged as a single JAR, which can be used for runtime analysis, as an assertion mechanism in unit testing, or as a standalone application launched from the command line.

The 0.6 release which made it to Maven Central also fixed two issues I mentioned in the previous post (discussed here, and here), which are fairly significant.

As always, if you're a user with any questions or issues, please let me know. Well, if you're a user with no issues, it would be nice to hear that you actually exist...

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