Discussing the design, decisions and discovery involved in developing Mutability Detector, an open-source analysis tool for Java.

Thursday 1 March 2012

Announcing Version 0.8 and MutabilityDetector4FindBugs

Version 0.8 of MutabilityDetector has been released and is now available from Maven Central. This release includes bug fixes for the following issues:

Probably the most significant change is that Mutability Detector now recognizes when you have prevented subclassing by only having private constructors (previously you had to mark your class final).

I'm also very pleased to announce the release of a FindBugs plugin for Mutability Detector. This is also available from Maven Central and the project's download page. Just configure your FindBugs installation to pickup the plugin detector during analysis (usually by placing it in the 'plugin' directory) and it will detect classes annotated with @Immutable. The detector will emit a FindBugs warning for each violation of the rules for achieving immutability.

Disclaimer, the Mutability Detector FindBugs plugin is marked as version 0.2 for a reason. It's a first cut, and since I personally use Mutability Detector as a unit testing tool, I don't plan to 'dog food' the plugin so much. So any and all feedback is welcome. Please feel free to email me (Grundlefleck at gmail dot com), file an issue, or post to the Google group.