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Thursday 10 November 2016

Version 0.9.6 Released

MutabilityDetector version 0.9.6 has now been released, and is available from Maven Central.

The most significant changes in this release are:
  • improved message when constructing collection fields with unwrapped collections. See #51, #52, thanks go to new contributors badgersow and kwahsog.
  • hardcoded results can be configured to apply to MutabilityDetector.assertX methods. This is useful if you want to make assertions programatically, and don't want, for example, assertImmutable(String.class) to fail. See #64 , and thanks to new contributor alexsalesdev.
  • MutabilityDetector assertion methods are now thread safe. See #63.
  • The command line interface can now give a summary of the analysis, included number of classes scanned, and time taken. See #66 and thanks again to alexsalesdev.
Please also be forewarned that this will be the last release which can be run on pre-Java 8 JVMs. Future releases will still be able to analyse pre-Java 8 bytecode, but I plan to make use of Java 8 features in the codebase from now on, and won't support running on older JVMs.
This release was particularly cool because of the number of contributions made from other people interested in the project.

Happy mutability detecting folks!

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