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Sunday 15 September 2013

Supporting FindBugs v2.0.0+

Over the weekend, a whopper of a bug was reported against MutabilityDetector4FindBugs - the custom detector used to check your classes annotated with @Immutable. Turns out that it only worked on FindBugs v1.3.9, throwing exceptions on v2.0.0+. FindBugs v2.0.0 was released in December 2011, so it's not exactly recent. This is what happens when you don't dogfood (I generally use Mutability Detector in unit tests, not through FindBugs) anyhoo...

The bug has been fixed, but due to source incompatibilities, I am unable to support multiple versions of FindBugs with a single jar. As such, if you want to use MutabilityDetector4FindBugs, you'll have to grab the jar which is appropriate to your installation of FindBugs. Hop over to the project's README for details on how to get the right version.

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